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So here it is - your chance to be heard. Tell us what you thought of the IMPACT Youth Event held at Playdium on October 17, 2009. Or just share what’s on your mind…

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  • Sun May 8 01:39:05 EDT 2011
    you guys should have another event i learnt alot .

    Age 18
  • Fri Oct 23 10:38:21 EDT 2009
    IMPACT Youth Event: Hayyyyyy It's Monique and Michel and we are part of the IMPACT group. We would like to thank you guys for having us, and helping out. We thought this event was really successful and turned out great. We are really happy to help out in the community any time. And are hoping that we can plan another successful event like this. We were glad to see how many volunteers came to help in this event. SPEAK YOUR VOICE & LET IT BE HEARD!

    Michel & Monique
    Age 15
  • Sat Oct 17 10:38:34 EDT 2009
    IMPACT Youth Event: I think the outcome of the event was really good. I think that Chuck Winters and Andree Cazabon were really good and I learned a lot from them.

    Age 17
  • Sat Oct 17 10:38:34 EDT 2009
    IMPACT Youth Event: Chuck Winters presentation was soo good. The only sad thing was I never got his signature.

    Age 14
  • Sat Oct 17 10:38:33 EDT 2009
    IMPACT Youth Event: Hey today was soo much funnn J I think it was really successful and really well organized. I would like to thank you guys for this event it really made a difference in my life.

    Age 15
  • Sat Oct 17 10:38:32 EDT 2009
    IMPACT Youth Event: I learned soo much from today. I hope there's something like this next year.

    Age 12
  • Thu Oct 15 10:38:37 EDT 2009
    This IMPACT Youth Violence Event at Playdium is an excellent event!

  • Thu Oct 15 10:38:36 EDT 2009
    IMPACT Youth Event: Today was so much fun. I can't believe how much people came out to this event!

    Age 16
  • Wed Sep 30 10:38:37 EDT 2009
    Change of Light The day was bright. But the morning was cold Grey skies and grey clouds with stories to be told. A friend approaches with smiling grace The final bit of happiness was shown upon her face. I entered the school with a nerve racking stare For I am highly dangerous with the items I bare. Alone in class hoping to avoid the cost When the V.P. entered I knew all hope was lost. Brought down to the office with no information The only thing they asked for was my co-operation Searched my pockets only to find a white flag I have surrendered, but in return I was given my empty bag. Hands behind my back as I walk with shame Once a legend here, I am now left with no fame The process was long but I was able to pull through Now in a different direction, with a start that is brand new. Nervous and scared on my first day This program is not for me in any way Regret and sorrow is now all I feel These people I never knew existed have now become real. After all the waiting and devastation A door was opened filled with inspiration My mind is set and I beg to write The words put down have shown an entirely new sight. From this experience my talent has grown All of my feelings have now been shown I look at the world in a different way And write down all that I see at the end of my day.

    Age 15