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Is the provincial government doing enough to work with municipalities to supply decent, affordable housing, more youth employment opportunities, improved safety standards and availability of recreational, arts and community hubs/centres? Are Peel residents, social service agencies and young people doing enough to get involved in the prevention of youth violence?

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  • Sat Oct 17 14:51:11 EDT 2009
    Do you think you guys can try to do something about the BUS prices and youth getting JOBs?

    Age 16
  • Sat Oct 3 09:58:07 EDT 2009
    Hey I live in the community of Mississauga. I think around where I live that we need more job opportunities for the youth. And also, I think that the BUS price is TOO much like $3.00. Come on! It should be cheaper like $1.00 because there are single parents that can't afford that much every time a person goes on the bus. I'm happy to see that there's going to be an event about trying to stop Violence and getting the youth involved!

    Age 16
  • Sat Oct 3 09:57:04 EDT 2009
    Bussing is too much and there needs to be more job opportunities for the youth I think that would stop some of the violence.

    Age 16
  • Sat Sep 12 09:58:12 EDT 2009
    People just don't take violence seriously.

    Age 19
  • Wed Sep 2 09:58:13 EDT 2009
    The government has been sent a youth violence prevention program plan that can be implemented in any school no matter the demographics. However, no government offical who has received this plan is willing to assist in getting it started. The responses that have been received say that there is no funding, there are already programs or send this plan to someone else. The list of officals to send it to is getting smaller and the youth violence is becoming more evident. With the new school year starting very soon it will be interesting to see If the officals will continue to turn away to the actions that these youth are involved in. There are people out in the community trying to make a difference but one voice can never be heard over the sound of money cause apparently the sound of money also blocks out the sound of family and friends mourning the death of a youth to violence.

  • Thu Jul 30 09:58:20 EDT 2009
    Hi there, First, I wish for this submission to be posted for Peel Youth and their parents to read. Please be aware that I am also videotaping this comment as well as its submission. I was part of the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network's (PYVN) "Education and Policy Working Group" from its inception up to its recent folding. I've also sat in on many of the PYVPN Steering Committee meetings. Brian, Age 17, writes, "There's too much youth violence in our community and government officials aren't taking the proper action to deal with it. Quit being so passive on this issue!" Freedom of Information confirms that Brian is right --"community and government officials aren't taking the proper action". Fifteen years after the Peel Police Services Board recommended, "A process of accountability and evaluation should be built into programs to ensure achievement of goals and cost-effectiveness", Peel elected officials have not taken even the first step towards implementing that recommendation. Two questions. 1. Why? 2. Why aren't Peel Youth told THE TRUTH?

    Age 59
  • Wed Jul 15 09:58:21 EDT 2009
    There's too much youth violence in our community and government officials aren't taking the proper action to deal with it. Quit being so passive on this issue!

    Age 17